Monday, 5 November 2012

Tisha Unarmed Is The Most Incredible Channel You?ll Discover Today

tishaLet's be perfectly frank: being born without arms would suck. However, if I was struck with such a stroke of bad luck, I would look up to Tisha, a 26-year old YouTuber who posts videos where she informs viewers how she accomplishes everyday tasks using only her legs, head, and torso. No one knows why Tisha, who goes by the moniker Tisha UnArmed on YouTube, was born with only a pair of stumps hanging off of her shoulders (one of her legs is also slightly shorter than the other). However, Tisha's disability has not stopped her; she lives what appears to be a perfectly normal life, eating and dressing and driving in ways that boggle my arm-centric brain. It's fascinating to see how versatile and flexible Tisha is, not just in her feet but throughout her body. In her most recent video, she becomes heavily armed as she takes a trip to a firing range. Pay close attention to the way she shrugs a pair of earmuffs onto her ears, using only her face and shoulders

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