Monday, 30 April 2012

Developers reveal their vision for key city centre site

HOPES are high that a key city centre development that has been put on ice for more than three years can finally get under way.

The Glassfields scheme on Temple Way was shelved in 2008 at the height of the recession and the site has been left standing empty ever since.

But following the announcement that the surrounding area is to make up the new Enterprise Zone hopes are high that building work will finally begin.

The owners of the site, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM), have started marketing the project to developers and have also released images of what the building will eventually look like.

The Glassfields building is seen as a key site because it will act as the gateway to the new business district of Bristol. The Enterprise Zone will be a centre for digital and creative firms and is expected to create around 17,000 new jobs.

The 350,000 square foot mixed-use development will include shops, offices and cafes along with a hotel and it will be one of the biggest developments in the city in recent years.

There are also plans to redevelop the area next to the two buildings to create a new landscaped square.

The distinctive IBM building on Temple Way was demolished three years ago. The building, which had a distinctive brown glass facade, had been standing empty for five years before being knocked down.

The new images are the most detailed released by RLAM since the firm successfully applied for planning permission in 2007.

The developer has said it wants to create the highest quality office space to attract the widest range of potential occupiers possible.

Property firms Knight Frank and Jones Lang LaSalle have been appointed to market the site and there are high hopes that the main part of the building will be used as a headquarters for a large company.

As reported in the Post the Homes and Communities Agency has announced it is investing £5 million on buying two properties in the Temple Quarter.

The investment will see £3.8 million and £1.2 million spent on buying up Brunel's Old Station Building and the Pest Control Depot.

The Old Station building is being turned into a conference centre and the former depot demolished to open up access to the site earmarked for the long-awaited indoor arena.

Gareth Dickinson, head of property at RLAM said: "This is a very exciting time for the city as all eyes are on Bristol following the decision by the government to designate the Temple Quarter as an Enterprise Zone."

Jeremy Richards, from Jones Lang Lasalle, said: "We are looking at a mixed-use scheme, which could include a hotel.

"We would not build any scheme speculatively – we would have to pre-let the buildings.

"We believe that there will be interest in the site."

On the opposite side of Temple Way, a site known as Bank Place is still standing empty more than three years after the former Clerical Medical building was demolished in 2008.

Developers reveal  their vision  for key city  centre site

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New iPad Battery Life

The new iPad has the same battery life as the iPad 2. This may strike some as peculiar because the iPad 3 has a new more highly-powered battery. However, although the battery does carry more juice, this is offset by the new features of the iPad 3 which require more power, for example the high-definition Retina display and the 4G connectivity. That said, the new iPad battery life is still perfectly reasonable and is suitable both for casual at-home use [...]

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#SagaFam Scott Damon gives you his Top 3 things to do on an average day at Park City.

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How We Managed to Benefit from the Panda Updates

Posted by Martin Panayotov

As I am into the online marketing field, I read a lot about SEO. This is my first post about SEO, so please don't be harsh in the comments. The Panda update is what made the SEO community roar about how many websites lost ranking and so on. There is so little information about the ones that benefited from the update and we are one of the winners.

I personally think that the Panda update made the SERPs quality a lot better and to some point buried the medium to low quality websites deep into the results. Even some of the high-authority websites went down.

I will share some insights of an user generated moving reviews website and how we got positively impacted by the Panda update. The website features many US and Canadian moving companies and provides the opportunity for people to rank them and write moving reviews. In addition to that, there is a blog/article section with moving tips and info.

Industry specifics that influence the analytics data

Before we begin, you should know that the specifics of the industry add some additional noise to the analytics data. These are the main trends in the moving industry:

  • Weekly trends: People search a lot more about moving services at the beginning of the week on working days. Mondays are usually the most active days. We assume that people usually search for movers at work during work hours.
  • Monthly trends: People search for movers more by the end of the month and less in the middle of the month and during holidays.
  • Seasonality: People search 30% more for movers in the summer months than during the rest of the year. Nobody wants to move in the winter (especially in the Northern states).

The First Panda update

Since the first Panda update in 2011 we started seeing some increase in rankings. Because of the specifics of user behavior in our industry, the analytics data is looking weird but you can see the pattern.

first panda update mymovingreviews

Further benefits from the Panda update

As we saw a huge opportunity in the Panda update, we tried to adjust the website to better suit the visitors, give them alternatives once they visit the website and make visitors consume more of the moving industry related content. The goals were to increase the time on site, reduce the bounce rate and increase the pages per visit.

What we did to increase rankings/visitors

1. Reducing the bounce rate

We started by working on the high bounce rate pages. We edited some of the content and deleted some of the pages. One of the very high bounce rate pages were the blog section posts. Since we are always committed to build only high quality content, we knew that the problem with the high bounce rate on the blog was elsewhere. We knew that visitors were able to find the information they were searching for and after that they were leaving the blog. We added a suggestion fly-box. The box appears on the right side of the page once the visitor scrolls by the end of a post and suggests another random post from the blog. This had a huge impact on the blog bounce rate by lowering it with more than 30%. From the highest bounce rate section of the website, the blog became the lowest one overnight.

2. Creating a mobile website

mobile visits my moving reviewsWe have about 11 percent mobile visits (we don't consider iPads to be mobile traffic). We decided to further lower the bounce rate by creating a full-featured mobile website. This of course brings the benefit of higher conversion rates. We've been postponing the mobile website for some time now and we finally decided to finish it and launch it by December. We kept the same URLs as the desktop version and only changed the templates.

3. More content

A part of the Panda update is the amount of content on page. We didn't want to have many pages with thin content so we increased the minimum text required for a moving review to be posted. After reading about how Zappos corrected the spelling mistakes of all their reviews, we additionally wanted to avoid spelling mistakes as much as possible. We included a spell checker on the moving review form. We are also planning to correct the mistakes on all old reviews in the future.

To recap, here are the changes we did:

  • Editing some of the content with the highest bounce rate.
  • Adding a spell checker on the write a review page and setting a higher minimum amount of text for the reviews.
  • Giving suggestions to users once they finish reading a blog post to reduce the bounce rate.
  • Started a mobile website to reduce the bounce rate and time on site for mobile visitors.

The results

We had almost 50% increase in visits in the next one-two months. Please note that we introduced most of the changes in December, so we can't really measure how fast these changes influenced the rankings because of the holidays. Not surprisingly, the largest part of the increase was from the blog as this is where we managed to reduce the bounce rate the most.

MMR traffic increase


I can't say that all of the gained increase of visitors came because of the above changes, but given the changes and tactics we did at the time, these were the most significant ones. Targeting the visitor and thinking of how to enhance the customer experience results in more visitors. It is as simple as that. Working on the design and thinking of techniques to reduce the bounce rate will result in better rankings, especially if you are a high-traffic website.

What do you think about the bounce rate and its impact on rankings/visitors? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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CaseCrown Alumi-HUB Looks At Home By Your Mac

Are you a Mac fanboy/girl that thought you had everything? How did you not know about the CaseCrown Alumi-HUB 4-port USB Hub? Featuring a matte aluminum body and white accents, it bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s Mac keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Includes 4 USB ports and a shielded connection cable. Lightweight and compact so [...]

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Sunday, 29 April 2012

�115m U.S. Navy stealth ship that inspired James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies is auctioned online (bidding has only reached �60,000)

It's not what you'd expect to find on an online auction... the experimental Sea Shadow that inspired the 'invisible boat' captained by Bond Villain Elliot Carver in 007 movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

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Pixar Sunday: ?Wall-E,? Andrew Stanton, ?Brave? preview on May 20

2012 HERO COMPLEX FILM FESTIVAL Writer-director Andrew Stanton won his second Oscar with the evocative�sci-fi tale�”Wall-E” and on May 20 ...

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YouTube May Solve Video Inventory Shortage, Digitas' Kontonis

VIEQUES, PR -- The dearth in quality inventory for online video ads could be solved by YouTube's partner program and more attention paid to "Web TV" shows. That was the suggestion of Paul Kontonis, VP and Group Director for Brand Content at Digitas, who addressed the issues of video inventory raised by Joy Marcus, partner at venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson and the former General Manager of Dailymotion North America, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques. Even though popular video site DailyMotion had been logging about one billion streams a month when she departed last year, most of those were user-generated and advertisers still shy away from that content, Marcus said during the session. But, logically, online video with sight, sound and motion should be a marketer's "nirvana," she added. That's where YouTube and its partner program may help, Kontonis pointed out during the conversation. YouTube is home to a huge range of videos including a middle ground of "Web TV" that's in between user-generated videos and premium TV shows, representing a good fit for marketers. With YouTube pushing the channels more with marketers and packaging them in a TV fashion, the online video business may gain some traction in solving the inventory overhang. For more insight, check out this session video.

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Refile-New York prosecutors probe law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf

NEW YORK, April 27 (Reuters) - New York prosecutors are
looking into possible financial mismanagement at Dewey & LeBoeuf
after lawyers at the law firm requested an investigation, two
people familiar...

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Online Video Ad Load Should be Much Higher

Online video viewers have a much greater tolerance for higher ad loads than most of the premium publishing business is delivering right now, said speakers on a panel at the BRX Video Summit last week in New York. "I don't think there are nearly enough ads in online video," said Mark Trefgarne, Co-Founder and CEO real-time online video platform LiveRail, in this discussion of real-time bidding, ad exchanges and inventory for online video. "It can be much closer to TV and among premium publishers with long-form content, user tolerance of ads remains very high and I think publishers need to be bolder about the ad load they put in."UStream has tested ad tolerance and found there was no difference in views when showing a pre-roll before the program or not, says Colin Carrier, VP of Monetization at Ustream, also on the panel that was moderated by David Kaplan, managing editor "People still watched because the content was what they wanted to see," Carrier says during this video of the session. He adds that engagement rates are high for pre-rolls and mid-rolls.Online video buying also needs more standards, both Carrier and Trefgarne emphasize during the session. That includes better communication between tech vendors around standardization of ad prices and varieties, as well as greater transparency on auto play, above-the-fold inventory and other aspects of brand safety."I would also like standards for what data needs be passed through as well as the content type," Carrier says. Trefgarne adds that standards can reduce the friction that comes with having so many demand-side vendors.Online video buying is never going to be simpler than TV, so at the very least the business needs better measurement and standards, Carrier explains.For more insight into these topics, please check out the session in its entirety.-Daisy Whitney

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Report: GM CEO Akerson makes less than his peers

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GM CEO Dan Akerson

You wouldn't think $7.7 million is something to complain about, but then again, you're probably not in the running to be CEO of General Motors. Despite the fact that GM is no longer the largest company in the world - or, depending on whom you ask, even the largest carmaker - it's a big job. On most days, we imagine it's a pretty thankless one too. So when you compare the salary of GM CEO Dan Akerson to that of his cross-town rival at Ford, perhaps $7.7 million does seem like chump change compared to Alan Mullaly's 2011 compensation of $29.5 million.

And according to a report in The Detroit News, GM apparently isn't happy to see its CEO sitting in third place among Big Three CEOs when payday comes. GM's proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday said that the company is having an "extremely difficult" time hiring qualified executives because of limits to compensation set by the U.S. Treasury Department. The Treasury has capped the amount Akerson and other execs can make as part of GM's 2009 bailout.

Here's a thought: Maybe GM just needs to do a better job emphasizing all the benefits that come with working for the General, like getting to drive a Chevrolet Volt gratis.

GM CEO Akerson makes less than his peers originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 27 Apr 2012 14:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Why this pasty-tax is baking mad

Will we see crack teams of tax inspectors trained to wield the heat probe, and raiding offending premises, flashing their IDs and telling folk to ‘step away from the pasty’?

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NBA: Knicks' Tyson Chandler battling flu, may miss game 1

ESPN is reporting that New York Knicks' center, Tyson Chandler has the flu and could miss game 1 of the Knicks/Heat NBA playoffs series Saturday.

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The Stars of Bravo's New Show Are Bringing Glamour to the Big Apple

Bravo's 2012 line-up just got all the more fashionable, as the network prepares to unveil a new docu-series tentatively called Decades. The show will follow renowned boutique owners Christos Garkinos and Cameron Silver as they take viewers inside the exclusive and glamorous world of vintage couture filled with Givenchy, Balenciaga and Chanel.

While their boutique, also named "Decades," is situated in Hollywood, Christos and Cameron will be headed back to New York on April 26-28 for a Prada/Schiaparelli-inspired trunk show in honor of the upcoming Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and to celebrate the launch of the Decades for Rent the Runway collection. The boutique owners took time out of their busy schedules to speak to In Touch about the upcoming show and series.

?Our store mantra has always been to encourage people to 'dress up!'" Cameron said. "At our upcoming New York event with Rent the Runway, we will have the perfect clothing and accessories to get people into the social-scene spirit ? whether you?re shopping for the Met gala or looking for a prom dress, we?ve got it all. We love New York! We can?t wait to bring the best of Decades to the Big Apple."

As for what will make the Decades show different than other fashion-inspired series, Cameron tells viewers to get their pencils ready. "It?s not only totally entertaining, but also truly informative. So for any fashion fan, it will be like Fashion 101 ? but unlike school, you?ll be giggling your way through it!?

For more information about Decades' New York trunk show featuring Rent the Runway, click here.

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Terrifying airport footage shows planes flying almost sideways while landing in 40mph winds in Spain

Footage of planes landing at Loiu Airport in Bilbao shows aircraft being blown sideways and shaking almost uncontrollably as pilots battle to bring them down safely on to runways.

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Gov. Haley Barbour Hammers Obama?s Failed Record in Interview with Obama Apologist Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC ? Video 4/27/12

Here is video of Gov. Haley Barbour on MSNBC where he faced off with host Andrea Mitchell over the Presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Mitchell, who has been held up by some as an example of a fair journalist working at MSNBC, was not even remotely even-handed in this discussion. She was [...]

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Time to vote for the Vans that move you

Voting in the Vans Custom Culture contest -- which will award $50,000 to the winning entry's high school arts program -- is now open. The competition includes customized kicks from 10 high schools in five regions across the country and voting ends May 3.

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Star Castle finally finds a home on the Atari 2600, gets a redesigned cartridge


Halo may have made its way to the Atari 2600, but wouldn't porting a retro game to this '70s-era console be more appropriate? MAKE Magazine has the skinny on former Atari dev Scott Williamson's port of the Cinematronics shooter Star Castle. Though Atari execs decided the title was too complicated to bring over in the '80s, Williamson took it upon himself to make that transition possible. The result of some serious coding is 8K of ROM and 128 bytes of RAM's worth of good ol' space war. But he didn't stop there -- he redesigned the cartridge with a transparent casing and LEDs that flash during gameplay. Click through to the source link for the full step-by-step.

Star Castle finally finds a home on the Atari 2600, gets a redesigned cartridge originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 27 Apr 2012 03:27:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Ask A Bartender: What's The Worst Date You've Ever Witnessed?

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

DWTS' William Levy's Steamy Night With A Waitress

After weeks of cheering him on in the audience of Dancing With the Stars and accompanying him on dinner dates around Beverly Hills, it seems William Levy?s baby mama, Elizabeth Gutierrez, is giving her ex another chance. But after reportedly cheating on his long-suffering girlfriend at least 40 times during their eight-year relationship, it looks like William has not-so-shockingly returned to his philandering ways.

Just as Elizabeth, 34, rebuilds her trust after a brief split, In Touch can exclusively reveal that the Cuban-born playboy, 31, is having a sultry affair with LA-based restaurant hostess and aspiring actress Grace Roubidoux. Though the 25-year-old denies any wrongdoing, ?Grace and William hooked up last week,? a friend of the Kate Mantilini greeter, who often goes by the stage name Carolyn Hayver, tells In Touch. ?He told her to keep quiet about it, because he didn?t want Elizabeth to find out.?

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One of the world's first motorbikes with fuel tank hanging from crossbar is set to sell for �21,000

The motorbike, which is more than one hundred years old, consists of an engine simply attached to a bicycle's back wheel with a fuel tank hanging under the cross bars.

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Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for most All-Star points

Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for most All-Star points

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Top NFL Draft Picks to Hold Google+ Hangouts With Fans

In a pro football first, the presumed top two picks in this week’s NFL Draft will hold Google+ Hangouts with fans of their new teams. The…

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Mayor could bring international recognition for city – minister

THE Government has insisted next week's Mayor vote can be a "historic change" and bring Bristol to the world's attention.

Communities Minister Greg Clark made the bold claim in a Parliamentary debate yesterday, when some MPs spoke of "voter apathy" and raised fears of a "derisory" turnout.

Others used the platform to bang the drum for a Yes vote, and Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie said the lack of interest underlined the need for a mayor.

Bristol is one of ten cities across the UK that will decide a week today whether to adopt an elected mayor to replace the current council cabinet model.

Yesterday the debate came to Westminster, where Mr Clark outlined the reasons he thought cities needed a mayor.

He said: "Our great cities should not simply compete with each other...they should compete with cities around the world. They are international cities that deserve an international champion."

The Tory said delegates at international conferences were unaware of council leaders, when foreign cities sent mayors as their figureheads.

He said: "They don't know that Bristol is one of the most successful cities in the country in terms of attracting investment into digital media. They need to know, not just what's going on there, but they need to know who the leaders are."

The minister said he hoped "we will look back at a historic change that will be good for the cities and good for the whole of the United Kingdom".

The Government believes Bristol, along with Birmingham, represents its best chance of the yes vote it needs.

On Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron came to Bristol to urge people to support the switch, claiming it would allow the city to move beyond "party squabbling".

Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech said "apathy has been the biggest winner so far" in the debate.

But Ms Leslie said that lack of interest proved the 'yes' campaign's point that mayors were needed.

She said: "In Bristol, we are struggling with voter apathy, because people do not feel that the political system has served them well. It's this disengagement itself that makes the case for a mayor."

Ms Leslie also said that regular changes of power at the top of the council made things more difficult.

Former Labour Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth said people were currently simply unaware of who was in charge of local authorities.

Mr Ainsworth, who is hoping to become Coventry's elected mayor, said: "If someone like me, who is steeped in politics, doesn't know who the leader of Bristol City Council is, it's an indication that local government isn't punching its weight."

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

JLo and Marc's Divorce Gets Nasty

A source tells us Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are barely speaking. Get the details on their divorce drama.

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Unemployed Canadian builds amazing tree home using Craigslist

Despondent after the closure of a social media startup, unemployed Canadian Joel Allen, 26, used Craigslist to gather free materials to help build an extraordinary egg-shaped tree house on Crown property a couple of hours drive north of Vancouver.

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South Africa's apartheid land fix withers in fields

SENEKAL, South Africa (Reuters) - South Africa's plans to undo the wrongs of apartheid by returning land seized from native blacks is embodied in the life of Koos Mthimkhulu.

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PSA: HTC One S arrives today at T-Mobile, $199 on-contract after $50 rebate

HTC One S on sale today

If you haven't already smuggled a carrier-free version of HTC's One S into the US, you can now sign up two years of your wireless life for T-Mobile's flavor. Largely undiluted by the Big Magenta, the dual-core phone arrives today for a single dollar shy of 200 -- after a $50 mail-in rebate. The online store at the source below is waiting for your order, or you could hit up your local bricks-and-mortar for some instant retail gratification.

PSA: HTC One S arrives today at T-Mobile, $199 on-contract after $50 rebate originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 25 Apr 2012 09:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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London Southend Airport: London's 'newest' air hub opens for business

Tomorrow sees the 'reopening' of London Southend Airport, with easyJet moving in and the terminal offering a hugely expanded service. Fred Mawer charts the pros and cons of flying from Essex.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NVIDIA says 'it's coming,' won't say what 'it' is

NVIDIA says 'it's coming,' won't say what 'it' is

Ooo! It's coming! What is? We don't know, but we're excited anyway. NVIDIA has a teaser up informing us that at 7:30 pm, Pacific time, on April 28th it will have something special to announce. The venue will be the GeForce LAN / NVIDIA Gaming Festival 2012 in Shanghai -- which leads us to believe there might be a GPU announcement in store for us. Though, we wouldn't write off a Tegra reveal entirely. So, which will it be? You'll just have to check back in Saturday to find out.

NVIDIA says 'it's coming,' won't say what 'it' is originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 24 Apr 2012 12:14:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Relationship Expert Dishes Divorce Advice For Heidi And Seal

While Heidi Klum filed for divorce weeks ago, Seal has finally done the same. But what?s a former Hollywood power couple to do when their love has been replaced by litigation? Susan Manrao, a home decorator who specializes in redesigning for divorcees, spoke to In Touch about advice for the newly single supermodel.

?You need to rip the band-aid off and make efforts to emotionally move into a new head-space,? Susan says. ?Your surroundings are a key part of that. If Heidi creates a space where she feels positive, that will in turn ease any tension the kids might feel.?

Susan adds that d�cor changes are in need as well. ?Heidi and Seal famously had their bedroom adorned with sensual photos of themselves. These should be the first to go. Make room for new memories.? And sometimes, a remodel is the perfect step needed to transform a once-shared space. ?Indulge in amazing bedding. Throw out the old sheets and buy a whole new bedding set you love. She will sleep better at night and soon Heidi might enjoy having the whole bed to herself.?

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Livestation: Making Time Shifting Instant For Live News On The Web

As the consumption of online video content has grown, so has the demand for live news streams. More viewers than ever are watching live news broadcasts online, but live video streaming is still far from perfect. In this video from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat, Livestation CEO Lippe Oosterhof talks about some of the issues facing live news streaming and how Livestation is working to fix them.Oosterhof explains,"In a nutshell, Livestation is an aggregator of live news." Livestation streams millions of views of BBC, CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera and other news sources, making them available on the web, mobile and connected TVs.Oosterhof talks about the problem of discovery, which Livestation has recently partnered with Taboola to improve, as well as the problem of getting people to pay for live news and how to let viewers share the live experience.He also brings up one of the biggest problems with online video news—"every live news broadcaster that produces video on demand typically see’s a time lag of several hours before they take content from their live broadcast and put it onto YouTube or their own website, so it doesn’t really work that well for breaking news.” Livestation is working to solve this major issue and “to make that time shifting instant." Livestation Implements TaboolaLast week, Livestation implemented the Taboola video discovery engine, allowing viewers to see thumbnails of other live programming as well as shows from others sources in the Taboola content network. Beet.TV is in the Tabloola network and we were pleased to see thumbnails of our shows surfacing on the big portal Megan O'Neill

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Video: Israelis stop on highway to commemorate Holocaust victims, two injured

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holocaust remembrance day

Every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the people of Israel take two minutes to honor those who died in the Holocaust. When the sirens go off, everything stops, including traffic. This year, the two-minute ceremony was unfortunately marked with a pair of accidents due to the abrupt stop in traffic.

The Times of Israel reports that a woman in her 60s was run over as she was standing outside her car and another was struck as she stood by her vehicle on the highway. Both women were hurt badly enough to require medical attention and the older woman was listed in serious condition.

The incidents scarred an already solemn occasion, but after watching the post-jump video, we're surprised more people aren't injured. Scroll down to watch the unorganized chaos of freeway drivers pulling over at different times. Just as unorganized is the minute after the sirens stop, when everyone seems to want to leave as quickly as possible.

Continue reading Israelis stop on highway to commemorate Holocaust victims, two injured

Israelis stop on highway to commemorate Holocaust victims, two injured originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Andrew Bynum's limited All-Star appearance points to knee concerns

The goal remained clear cut in Andrew Bynum's eyes. Playing on the NBA All-Star team would validate his arrival as an elite center. Yet, that stint kept delaying through six NBA seasons because Bynum couldn't stay healthy. That point finally arrived Sunday when Bynum appeared in his first All-Star game in the West's 152-149 victory Sunday over the East. Yet, the same story ensued. Bynum's zero points on zero -of-three shooting, three rebounds and a block on Dwight Howard revealed little. Bynum remaining limited to six minutes revealed everything. He sat out after the 6:29 mark in the first quarter...

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Coffee Jargon: "Dialing In"

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I Prefer to Give the Inhabitants a Say: Reality and the Surge in Iraq

Joel Wing recently conducted an interview with Douglas Ollivant - a retired Army officer who served as Chief of Plans for the Multi-National Division Baghdad both before and during "the Surge." Through the course of the question and answer session,...

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Which?: The supermarket products that get smaller while prices stay the same

Which? found that a one litre tub of Carte D'Or Vanilla Light had been slashed by 10 per cent to 900ml and a pack of Magnum ice creams was 330ml instead of 360ml.

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Maybe you feel that horse betting tips for today

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Obama to cite new technologies in rights abuses: report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will issue an order on Monday to allow imposition of sanctions on foreign nationals who use new technologies such as cell-phone tracking and Internet monitoring to help carry out human rights abuses, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sandra Bullock Takes Louis & A Friend To Fillmore Central Park

Someone is a Thomas The Tank Engine fan! Sandra Bullock treated Louis and a friend to a day of fun at Fillmore Central Park yesterday. Check out the lifesize replica of Thomas the Tank Engine in the thumbnails. I bet … Continue reading

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Citi appoints Lodhi as CEO for Pakistan - sources

DUBAI, April 22 (Reuters) - Citigroup Inc has
appointed Nadeem Lodhi as chief executive officer for its
Pakistan business and the U.S. banking giant plans to focus more
on corporate banking in the...

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30 SECOND GUIDE: Hawks and doves

Do you favour low interest rates or do you think that they should be raised? Are you worried about high inflation or not? Read our guide on 'hawks' and 'doves'.

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'Friends of Syria' Push Libya Model

The US and its NATO allies continue to insist on a military option in Syria, with demands becoming more urgent as a fragile calm continues to greet the arrival of UN observers. This past week, US defense secretary Leon Panetta told the House Armed Services Committee that "our recent experience in Libya is helping to [...]

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They'd Had It

"Happy Resistance to Taxation and Other Tyrannies Day," writes John Keller.

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Diesel vs petrol: Used diesel car only cheaper if you do 10,000 miles

The price of second-hand diesel cars has been driven up to the point where buyers are wasting money unless they drive more than 10,000 miles per year, a motor industry expert says.

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Microsoft rises as better PC sales boost profit

(Reuters) - Shares of Microsoft Corp rose more than 5 percent on Friday after the world's largest software maker reported a quarterly profit that beat Wall Street forecasts on better-than-expected...

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Sainsbury�s eSaver Special best bonus-free online savings at 2.9%

Sainsbury’s Bank has upped the rate on its easy access e-saver by 0.15 percentage points, putting it top of the online accounts that do not include bonuses.

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Woman wins compensation after being injured by falling light fitting while having sex in motel

Judge ruled she was hurt during the course of her employment - because she had been sent on a job in the small rural Australian town where she had checked in.

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Apple announces 500 new jobs in Ireland

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Apple is to hire 500 people in Ireland in the latest boost to the indebted euro zone country's multinational sector, one of the few bright spots in a struggling economy.

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Secondary stock offerings rise amid slow IPO market

(Reuters) - Secondary stock offerings by U.S. companies grabbed most of the equity capital markets activity in the first quarter, spurred by a sluggish market for IPOs and private equity investors...

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