Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fincher And Spacey?s ?House of Cards? Trailer Is Here. Get Excited.

spacey-house-of-cardsNetflix wants to be the biggest, baddest provider of premium content on the web. We know this because they are spending a ridiculous amount of money to acquire original series for exclusive distribution on the Netflix platform. One of the site's two biggest coups is its acquisition of the rights to House of Cards, for which it outbid HBO (the other, of course, is its distribution deal for the new Arrested Development series, a series I am beyond excited to see return.) Two-and-a-half months before House of Cards' stated premiere date, Netflix has released a trailer for the series, and while you never want to buy too much into a trailer, OH MY GOD THIS LOOKS AWESOME. The first thing I noticed was Kevin Spacey's voice, which seems fractionally British. I can't tell if it is a homage to the original House of Cards series or just a weird choice by the veteran actor, so the jury's still out on that one. Fincher's cinematography, as usual, is absolutely gorgeous; he may be the best director to ever create a web series

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