Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Which Traditional School Subject Is the Most Important for Career Success?

People all have a view on this, and the results of the Luvata poll are clear: maths and the sciences comprise a full 50% and literacy and languages 43%; arts, geography and history are also-runs sweeping up the rear. Of course, these statistics are misleading, especially to parents: they see that doctors or lawyers earn a small fortune and so press for them at school to be good numerically or linguistically, and hey bingo! a successful career beckons. But the trouble is: is it the right career for the child? As a professional mentor I have met dozens of high achieving, career success orientated individuals who have done it - been a career success only to find midway or later that that is not what they wanted to do at all. They hated it; and they resent their parents for putting them through it, and the teachers who complied - who did not spot their real talent for art or whatever.

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