Saturday, 23 June 2012

Canal+ Shows Draw Millions of Facebook Fans - Readies "Second Screen" Rollout

PARIS -- French premium channel Canal+ is exploring a range of second-screen applications and opportunities for its news, entertainment and scripted programming, the network's Fabienne Fourquet, Director of New Content, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. The second-screen experiences in France are just starting to take off, she says. But, Canal+ has the benefit of a 15 million-strong Facebook following to build on, with seven of the top ten TV shows in France and 50% of fans coming to the page every day, she says. "We are trying to enrich their experience with some exclusive content," she says. She adds that the second-screen ventures Canal+ has pursued and will continue to evalute should ideally include content unique to the show. Fourquet also discusses Facebook's Open Graph in this video. Fourquet was a speaker at the UbiQ conference in Paris where we interviewed her. Daisy Whitney

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